Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Two speedpaints. In general, when doing speedpaints I only wanted to use reference that I shot myself. However, I took neither of the photos I used for reference here. The first is from felixdeon@deviantart (nsfw), and the second is from a very dear friend of mine- google.

Donald Glover is one of my favorite actors/comedians/all around talented people. His face is really expressive and fun to draw.

I am an enormous nerd, what else is new? These are younger versions of characters from Andrew Hussie's Homestuck, which has hit a manic popularity streak on the internet lately that confuses and frightens me.

"And he was told to stay and guard the door and more. Loyalty's his fate."

An illustration of the fantastic Miles Kurosky song "Dog in the Burning Building," which in my opinion has one of the greatest music videos I've ever seen. (Granted, my standards are bright colors, cool animation, and puppets.) I cannot stop listening to his album The Desert of Shallow Effects lately. It's been out for a whole year and I'm kicking myself that I didn't find it sooner. It's not quite as good as Beulah's album "The Coast is Never Clear" and it took a few listens to sink in, but now that it has it's all I want to listen to. (I do this with albums a lot.)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Putting together a portfolio has made me realize I'm not as confident with my digital painting as I wish I was or thought I was, so I decided to start practicing by doing speed paints. The bottom one was done first- it's my brother, Sam. The top one is my Jordanian brother Rakan, who has been staying with my family this year. I find that my go-to subject matter tends to be my family. (Maybe that's just because I already have so many pictures of them.)